What You Should Know About Movies Out Now

Probably the most useful thing to know about movies out now, is that there are some really excellent films available for viewing, and that some of them are truly landmark films. For different reasons, some of the movies mentioned below may be talked about for years to come, and it’s pretty exciting that all of these are movies out now, so there may not be a better time this whole year to get to the theater and take in one of these outstanding films.

Avenger: Endgame

123movies It certainly can’t be denied that this film has been hyped to death, with all the buzz starting months ago. Surprisingly however, the film manages to live up to all that hype and deliver a really impressive cinematic achievement, with stellar performances by most of the high-powered cast. This movie is particularly significant because it marks the end of an era in the Marvel Universe, with the Avengers losing several of their most important members, even those who have been there since the beginning. And in terms of its plot – well, you could hardly ask for more, since it lines up as virtually all the good guys of the universe being pitted against the single most dominant force of evil. If you haven’t seen any of the other Marvel superhero movies, you should still see this one, because it is truly a film for the ages.

Fast Color

In terms of the more thoughtful movies out now, one you should definitely put on your agenda is Fast Color, which takes place in the future where water has become a priceless commodity. The main stars of this film are three generations of women, and all three deliver fabulous performances to make the movie work particularly well. What we see from these three women is that they have to power to tear apart matter and rebuild it, which serves as a metaphor for rebuilding the bonds between them which have been broken, and require reconstruction.

Cold Pursuit

Liam Neeson stars in this film which is a major departure from his typical action thrillers, and it represents a dark but humorous spin on the typical Hollywood revenge movie. Neeson plays the part of a snowplow operator who initiates a kind of gang war after his son is murdered, with all kinds of bloodshed resulting. The film goes out of its way to laugh at the revenge film genre, and even pokes a few jokes at itself along the way. A very well-made movie, you’ll probably find yourself laughing right along with it, right up to the conclusion.


This is one of the most outlandish movies out now which anyone is likely to see. The plot revolves around a weary fisherman, played by Matthew McConnaughey, who gets sucked into a scheme concocted by his ex-wife, to murder her abusive husband for $10 million. You’ll either hate this movie, or you’ll be dazzled by its quirkiness, but either way you’ll end up conceding that it’s the most unpredictable movie to hit the big screen in many years. Look for this film to become a cult classic in the near future, and to earn its place as one of Hollywood’s most talked about films.

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