The Basics of Hydroponics

Hydroponics is a word that comes from Greek, and it translates literally to “water work” or “water labor”. It is essentially a method of growing plants that is accomplished without the use of soil and instead relies on a water-based nutrient solution to provide plants with all of the minerals and nutrients they need in order to grow healthily. There are many different types of hydroponic systems out there, but beginners to the world of gardening should always remember to start simple. Once you have developed a basic understanding of how to grow plants effectively with a hydroponic-based system, then you can move on to perfecting your growth methods and expanding your garden. hydroponics wholesaler

Hydroponic plant growing methods are not exactly a modern day invention, and have been around for a lot longer than you might have originally thought. For example, many scientists agree that the hanging gardens of Babylon relied on a water-based nutrient uptake system rather than conventional soil. However, only since the 1950s has hydroponics become an exceptionally popular growing method. We are now seeing many countries begin to integrate these systems into their agricultural establishments.

It is a known fact that plants tend to grow much faster with hydroponics than with a soil-based growing system, and there are several ways to explain this. With a water solution enriched with the exact levels of nutrients, minerals, and oxygen necessary for plants to thrive in ideal lighting conditions, plants respond extremely well. This is because the nutrients are absorbed rapidly into the plants roots, whereas when planted in soil, plants have to spend a lot of extra energy growing roots out deeper in search of all the vital nutrients. Hydroponic systems instead allow plants to absorb nutrients immediately, so that extra energy that would have been spent on developing longer roots can be used for other purposes. This is why plants that are grown with a hydroponic system grow quicker and yield more.

Another benefit to growing plants with a water-based system is that it is possible to save much more on pesticides, water, and fertilizer. In many cases, the nutrient solution and water used within a hydroponic system can be re-used several times, saving you resources and extra money in the process. Additionally, pesticides are typically administered in smaller doses, allowing you to save more money that might have otherwise been spent on a variety of different pesticides to get rid of insects and plant diseases that often assault plants grown in soil (this is not to say that plants grown with hydroponics will be free of pests or diseases, but they will usually be affected to a lesser degree).

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to using a hydroponic plant growing system instead of one based in soil. You can find a wide range of these systems at your local hydroponics store, or alternatively at an online retailer. Just remember to study hydroponics well in advance of trying to build your garden. This way you will be able to avoid a lot of unnecessary complications.


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