Locate A London Builder The Modern Way

In a huge city like London it can sometimes be difficult to get even the simplest things done. I remember once locking myself out of my flat and, being fairly new to the city, not having the faintest idea how to locate a locksmith in a massive metropolis where I knew no one. A lot of stress, several phone calls and a fair bit of money later I was back in the flat, but that day taught me two valuable lessons. Firstly, don’t leave your keys in your work suit over the weekend. Secondly, when you live in a foreign city you can’t rely on friends and family the way you can when you have lived in the same town all your life.

When it comes to getting jobs done around the house the idea is exactly the same. You might just need a couple of rooms painted or a new floor put down but you are still left on your own, trying to find a reliable tradesman in a city where you probably don’t even know the majority of people who live in your street.

A great internet innovation is the appearance of sites where we can look for building firm London tradesmen from the comfort of our own homes and, even better, get recommendations from people who have hired them in the past. The general idea is that you register and post details of your work needing done at no cost. Then you receive quotes from London builders, plumbers, painters or whatever type of local tradesman you are looking for.

The quotes you receive will not only include a link to their profile, where you can see their recent work history, their trade credentials and how long they have been in business, but will also let you see the comments and ratings left by previous customers. This is as close to a personal recommendation for a London builder which most of us will ever get to, so it is well worth going over these comments in detail.

All the quotes you get back will be for local, London tradesmen, so there is no need to go looking out the map to see if it is feasible for the worker to get to the job. You will have given an indication of the area where you live in your ad, so the tradesmen already knew where they would be expected to go.

And that’s about it really. One last important point is to put on some of your own comments for the London builder you choose, to help others hire them on the basis of a personal recommendation too.

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