Emerging Payments Strategy – Step 5 – Building Seamless Payment Process

Explore what is involved in developing a common strategy for paying, in the fifth and last article in this series we look at the building seamless payment process.

There is no “one size fits all” strategy of paying for each organisation, as there are many different factors must be taken in all cases, and this may affect the decision-making. However, one aspect of the payment process, it seems almost universal appeal when it comes to customers – they want “seamless” experience as possible. “Seamless” means no joins or is to be sustained or even “leak” from one stage to another in the process. For the payment process which means that each step of the flow in a smooth way to ensure that the customer experience is simple and relatively painless one (bearing in mind that the number of people likely to actually pay the bills).

Research repeatedly confirms that the flexibility and choice should be the main driver of the adoption of a positive customer experience when it comes to recycling and paying online, can now provide much of this with some careful advance planning. high risk payment gateway In practice, this means that all payment strategy can be focused on the website (either in-house or third-party one). On this site, all payments chain, invoicing, offering a variety of payment channels, having different kinds of payments, while taking account of payments, bank charges and accounting of all payments transaction are possible, a one-stop-shop.

Of course, some clients can not or will not conclude whether transactions on the Internet and the organisation may therefore have to continue to physically send e-mail or SMS accounts and even receive e-mail or phone-based payments. The key issue here, however, that this client population may be minimal and not encouraged to go through a period of time. For example by those people, so the phone payments can be shown how easy it is to make the same recurring payment online (especially when you do this 24 / 7, 365 days a year, the convenience of being seen, not only when the call centre lines are outdoors for example).

In summary then, all in all sizes and types of organisations should continue to develop and hone payments strategy that offers more flexibility and choice for customers. The chosen method is rapid and effective adoption of the law available is critical, as they all experience as a consumer as possible. In this way, organizations tend to get early adopters and pioneers of change, to experiment with new approaches, and their experience shows that the “virus” on those who do not like to be the first to try new things. Organizations therefore have to be patient and take the long view, but doing so can be driven both by the presentation and acceptance of the payment costs down substantially.

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