Benefits of Silicone Rubber in Wire & Cable Industries

There are number of different types of silicone rubbers are available in the market special for wire and cable industry, the demand of good silicone rubber is increasing day by and non conductive material of silicon can cover the wire and resist from an electric current. You must be aware that the silicone thickness of the insulation determines the current rating. You can get high current from any kind of insulation depending on the width. So here in this blog I would like to mention the key benefits you get from silicone rubber especially when it comes to use it for wire and cable industry.

Silicone Rubber Cable

Silicone rubber is perfect when it comes to cure it from high temperature, low corona, voltage and flexible wire or cable. Mainly silicone rubber is great option for medical grade and cable applications. It is also used in military and space applications.

Wire with Good Flexibility

One of the key benefit of silicone rubber is the flexibility and that is very important for cable and wire and that combination of silicone rubber and the ultra and fine wire standing of copper and copper alloys yield the most stretchy wire manufacture. Polyurethane  Silicone rubber has excellent weather ability with handheld devices, equipment and box builds.

High Temperature

Normally in most of the applications 70°C to 190°C, on the lower side it can be used for approximately -110°C. In most of the application it is totally depending on variables such as temperature exposure, type of atmosphere, material exposure. In addition physical properties will vary at high and low end of the operating temperature series. Silicone rubber formula is available for temperatures of 340°C with the use of a nickel composer.

Chemical and Oil Resistance

Compare to other cables silicone rubber cable will have good chemical resistance properties, it can be used where the chemical is used or where the cable can be in contact with chemicals. The automotive, industrial and automation industries normally order chemical conflict.

Benefits of High Voltage

With flexible wire capability it has the benefit that is high voltage ratings. You can also choose from other variety such as co extruded wire, multi layered silicone cables with semi conductive layer is also accessible for low corona extermination voltage supplies. Silicone Rubber wires and cables are the most flexible and suitable for all major application uses offered by Elastostar.


Silicone rubber is halogen free and that is why it does not release fumes and any other type of games when ignited. So ultimately it will increase your employee’s safety from high voltage electronic equipment.

Applications of Silicone Rubber Insulated Wires

This type of wire is recommended for below listed industries.

Steel mills
Electric motors
Hot rolling mills
Cooking surfaces
Heating apparatus
Industrial converters
Ovens and ventilators
Metallurgical facilities
High voltage electrical cabins and circuits
If you are looking for cable and wire for above mentioned apps, then silicone rubber wire is the perfect solution for you. Simply contact us for your requirement and to select the wire gauge and shielding that can meet your constraint.

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